[candy crush mod apk]Candy Crush Launches A Super Sweet Level 5000 And It’s Everything

Tag: 2021-07-12 18:14

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  Art in celebration of Candy Crush’s level 5000.

  Courtesy of King

  To say people are obsessed with King’s Candy Crush is one of the biggest understatements of all-time. The highly entertaining mobile game was released in November 2012 and to this day, it’s still as popular as ever. In fact, the creators behind the saga are constantly dropping new levels, but this month is particularly special because on July 10, players will be treated to the game milestone of level 5000.

  Yes, you read all of those zeroes and yes, it’s unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. In honor of the historic moment, any user above level 10 will be transported to celebratory millennial levels leading up to the official level 5000 launch. Starting July 6, the Garden-themed millennial levels from 1000 to 5000 — hosted by none other than everyone’s favorite mischievous traveler Tiffi — will become available each day.

  Even though the game developers guaranteed that these high levels are purely for fun and not meant to stump anyone, players will still be given exclusive rewards including color bombs, Swedish fish, and more to ensure they don’t get stuck in Tiffi’s garden party gone wrong. The Candy Crush team is a pro at keeping their user base naturally engaged. Since it came out a few years ago, people have spent over 8 million years, 3 billion days, 73 billion hours playing the game app proving level 5000 is hands down only the beginning of an era. To see where this incredible accomplishment will take Candy Crush, Chief Creative Officer and King.com Founder Sebastian Knutsson along with game artist Sandra Da Cruz Martins provided their insight in an interview below.

  An in-game view of Candy Crush’s historic level 5000.

  Courtesy of King

  Isis Briones: What was the inspiration for level 5000?

  Sebastian Knutsson: “The players love content and having more things to play, so I think level 5000 was about understanding how to keep them engaged. We actually do a lot of events here in the Stockholm office where we bring in some of the top players from around the world. We fly them out here to meet the team and partake in designing levels and getting feedback.


  While this one wasn’t designed by a player, we recently did an internal event where we had the whole company designing different levels that eventually led to 5000. It’s always great to bring everyone together, especially since everything in the game is handcrafted, which can make things difficult for level designers. This is why it’s good to have somebody totally fresh providing input and letting the team in on what they think is fun.”

  IB: As one of the artists behind Candy Crush, can you elaborate on what influences the design of the game?

  Sandra Da Cruz Martins: “The core of our game has always been levels, but because we have this amazing saga that people spend a lot of time playing, we really like our art to shine on the map. When we have our different episodes, we want to make it as fun and as pleasant for everyone and that’s where we can really throw in every type of reference that we want because we often take inspiration from across the globe.

  We want people to have that moment of recognition and have the feeling that I belong here. We don’t want to keep it centric since it’s going to so many players. It’s not right to make the game exclusive and appealing to only certain people, especially given that we have such an amazing opportunity to share our art with so many countries.

  Indeed, not only through the characters, but other elements as well. For example, we make episodes to celebrate international holidays. Maybe we’ll allude to Chinese New Year, which we do a lot of research on. A colleague of mine also went on vacation to Cambodia and he decided to design something because of the trip. He was drawn to the Angkor Wat and made towers line up in a similar fashion. It may not have looked the same because it was created out of cake, but it’s proof that with Candy Crush, anything goes and the opportunities are endless.”

  IB: Yes, it’s amazing that the game has appeared on all seven continents. How else do the creators plan to make a mark in as many countries as possible?

  SK: “We have a focus on bigger international markets that are opening up, where data can be a bit expensive. The world may be closer to 5G now, but we think the other way around. It’s about making sure Candy Crush is playable on older handsets and even if you don’t have great bandwidth. Our team is optimizing the game on all devices in every way. Additionally, we accepted the challenge of releasing the game in a number of different languages. I think our team has done a good job of solving these needs.”

  SDCM: “Yes, we try to do our best to make this game work for not only our loyal followers, but for everyone. If we keep the experience as well-crafted as it can be on all devices, even on the older mobile phones, then hopefully we won’t disappoint anyone and will keep them with us for years to come.”

  A series of Candy Crush facts regarding the mobile game’s user base.

  Courtesy of King

  IB: Where would you say is the fastest growing international market?

  SK: “I see India as the fastest growing in terms of user base and adoption of handsets rolling out, but it’s very Android-based still. I suspect other countries will be growing, too, especially throughout the continent of Africa. It’s a region that I believe will be different in the next couple of years.”

  IB: Lastly, what’s the best advice for anyone attempting to beat level 5000?

  SDCM: “The first thing that comes to my mind is don’t despair. It may be level 5000, but there’s a special twist to it. I don’t really have any tips, except to have fun with it and see where it takes you. It may feel daunting getting to the end of the Candy Crush content, but it’s definitely meant for everyone to have a good time and celebrate. Don’t get too stressed.”