[truecaller]Route Mobile announces technology partnership with Truecaller

Tag: 2021-07-16 20:02

  With the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID and configuration capabilities Route Mobile can empower enterprises to increase their customer outreach and servicing efforts and improve response rates.

  This feature also aids brand recognition by providing an effective way for businesses to personalize the alert with logos and contextual information about their business, allowing their users to get the complete context before they decide to act on the call. Using the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID, an enterprise can drive higher customer satisfaction and call efficiency.

  Milind Pathak, Chief Business Officer, Route Mobile Limited, said, “One of the main reasons for scams and fraud across the globe is spoofed identities. Route Mobile has always given priority to safeguarding end-user security by enabling brands to send trusted business communications. The Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID is stepping up the calling experience for both users and businesses. It adds credibility to businesses through a Verified Identity, it reduces the scope of identity theft and phishing scams and improves brand visibility.” He further added, “Businesses have seen a significant improvement in the efficiency of the calls they make to their users with most of them seeing jumps in the call response rates with the right context and relevant user intent.”

  Priyam Bose, Global Head Enterprise Solutions GTM, Truecaller, said, “Truecaller Enterprise has been set up with a strong intent of building solutions for businesses that will not just improve the efficiency of their communication but also enhance brand reputation and provide significant value and safety to consumers as an antifraud measure. Our reseller partners will play a pivotal role in enabling productive communication both for endusers and businesses with Truecaller Enterprise Solutions.” He further added, “With Route Mobile’s strong market presence and reach, they will play a vital role in growing our business together and deliver significant value for end customers with the enterprise ecosystem,”


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