[BOXBOY]BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Review (Switch eShop)

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  1StephenYap3Sat 27th Apr 2019

  I’m playing it right now and I am having fun, which is something I missed with Crafted World, sadly.

  This is easily GOTY material. Thanks, HAL for saving the day again!



  2ojiSat 27th Apr 2019

  Loved this series on 3DS, even imported the Qbby amiibo. Now it’s time to play it in co-op on my Switch.



  3thesilverbrickSat 27th Apr 2019

  I adored the 3DS games, so this is absolutely on my to-buy list.



  4BenAVSat 27th Apr 2019

  I enjoyed what I played of the 3DS games but as I expect this to be basically more of the same, I’m not really in a rush to pick it up. I’ll grab it at some point when I’m in the mood or if it’s on sale.



  5nessisonettSat 27th Apr 2019

  These games are brilliant little puzzlers and the stripped back aesthetic actually works in its favour. Sometimes when you’re trying to work something out, you really don’t want things flying all over your screen.



  6NicolausCampSat 27th Apr 2019

  Played through the regular single player, and while I still really like the series, I’d place this AFTER BoxBoxBoy! and Bye Bye BoxBoy!

  BoxBoxBoy! ist still the series’ most challening entry, and Bye Bye BoxBoy! has the most fun gimmicks and block types.

  I have yet to really sink my teeth into the co-op and the Qudy campaign yet though, and that seems to be where the game really differentiates itself from the other games, so I’m looking forward to really trying those out and will probably leave the game on a more positive note after that.

  So yeah, it’s great fun, but it hasn’t wowed me as much as the predecessors did yet.



  7StudeSat 27th Apr 2019

  Something about the addition of more color makes the game look cheap now, to me. I’ll still buy it because the 3DS games were bangers but man it just does not look right at all compared to the originals.



  8KrisiSat 27th Apr 2019

  I’m definitely getting this, loved the 3DS trilogy.

  But just to be sure: the co-op stages are a different set from the single player ones, right?



  9SuperCharlie78Sat 27th Apr 2019

  @Krisi yes, they are completely different levels, designed with coop in mind. You can play them solo, though.

  Sluggish controls?

  More about the Pro Controller lag issue, and this is not the first review on this site to misjugde it. You must desync your controller and then resync it, Jon Mundy



  1060frames-pleaseSat 27th Apr 2019

  So glad they finally released a version of his series that runs smoothly! Love it!



  11KolzigSat 27th Apr 2019

  Fantastic game. Bought it immediately at launch like I did with all the 3DS games as well.



  12LateSat 27th Apr 2019

  Bought it today. Played the first 3 sets of levels. As always, it starts off really easy but I’m sure the levels get comfortably challenging in no time. I’ll play the single player campaign now and come back for the multiplayer later when I have someone to play with. Maybe during summer.

  There are few changes I don’t quite get, though. The way they handled crowns and box limits in 3DS games was already perfect. Feels like they try to make the game even easier to approach. This theory is also supported by the new items in shop that give you extra boxes and other stuff as well as the hint option that the game tells you about if you stay in one place for too long. I can see the latter get annoying really fast. I’ll have to take a look if I can disable it.

  I also don’t like how they limit your abilities at start. I was trying to use the tactic where you hang onto a ledge and press Y to get on top but Y did nothing. It’s the best way to save boxes so I’m used to using it in every opportunity. I hope it unlocks soon.



  13QuarthSat 27th Apr 2019

  Tried the demo, it’s really fun. Digital only?



  14RandomNameSat 27th Apr 2019

  @Stu13 The game is a prequel, so it loses all color after the tutorial world, because it is setting up the plot.



  15Bubble_BobbleSun 28th Apr 2019

  only $10 bucks not bad… and honestly we need more 3ds ports on the switch.



  16DeathByLasagnaSun 28th Apr 2019

  Sounds like a good puzzler. I’ll probably give it a spin in a couple of weeks when I’m done school. Crafted World was a bit disappointing to me so I could use another Switch game to play in the meantime until Mario Maker 2 releases.



  17Aozz101xSun 28th Apr 2019

  i’m already planning to pick this on switch in may.



  18duganSun 28th Apr 2019

  I am a big box boy fan from 3ds and was so happy to get this!



  19OatSun 28th Apr 2019

  @nessisonett Completely agree about the aesthetic. I really don’t get NL’s criticism of the art style. It works perfectly for what the game is trying to accomplish.



  20rosemoSun 28th Apr 2019

  My only question is, when is Switchmo coming out? Like others, I enjoyed the 3DS games so I’ll probably pick this one up.



  21PhilKenSebbenSun 28th Apr 2019

  @Bubble_Bobble Its not a port though. New game in the series.

  Cant wait to grab this.



  22wollywooSun 28th Apr 2019

  I picked this up and played for an hour or so. It’s fun! It’s starts off very easy and takes quite a while to get challenging. It’s weird that the rewards for staying under par and for getting the crowns are separate, so you can cheese it by doing one and then the other instead of both simultaneously (which I imagine (?) is always possible.

  I also love that these sorts of 3DS-style games are coming to Switch now. With the combined libraries of a portable and a home console, with significant third-party support, Nintendo is pretty well set to dominate.



  23wazlonSun 28th Apr 2019

  I did struggle with finding the BoxBoy games getting a bit boring at times so won’t be buying but glad to see many others are enjoying the game.



  24RhaoulosMon 29th Apr 2019

  Played all 3 on 3DS, got this one on Friday and I don’t regret it. I am just surprised by long loading times and animation stutter on such a simple game on the Switch. Apart from that, it’s great.



  25HenmiiTue 30th Apr 2019

  I am not a gigantic Boxboy fan, but I might still download it someday in the future.



  26pek727Fri 17th Jan 2020

  I know I am late to report this but this runs worse than the 3DS entries for some ungodly reason, I don’t know why. It drops frames quite a bit and that really irritates me.


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