[The Dark Pictures]Why Rachel King From The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes Looks So Familiar

Tag: 2021-07-21 20:58

  Ashley Tisdale stars in “House of Ashes” as Rachel King, but some gamers might not be sure of where they’ve seen her before. Tisdale might be most recognizable for her work on mid-2000s Disney properties, like “Phineas and Ferb” and the “High School Musical” series, where she played the sometimes-antagonist Sharpay.

  Some fans have been?quick to comment that Tisdale doesn’t look entirely like herself in “House of Ashes,” and that the developers might want to consider tuning up her model before launch. Others were shocked to see Tisdale in a video game at all. One gamer even said that they’d be unable to think about anything besides “High School Musical” while playing.

  Regardless of how gamers feel about Tisdale’s involvement in the upcoming “House of Ashes,” the game promises to deliver on the chills and thrills synonymous with the “Dark Pictures” franchise. Unfortunately, that likely means that Tisdale will meet a horrific fate at some point in “House of Ashes,” but at least she’ll get to flex her acting chops in a new medium while she’s at it.