[Blood & Truth]PSVR-Exclusive Blood & Truth Now Runs At 4K, 90FPS On PS5

Tag: 2021-07-21 21:31

  The ever-evolving saga of “Is it worth getting a PS5 just for PSVR improvements?” just got a new wrinkle: PlayStation London Studios announced today in a Q&A blog post that its marquee PSVR-exclusive action romp, Blood & Truth, runs at 4K, 90FPS, natively on the PS5 itself. The support was already released.

  Obviously, the PSVR headset is not capable of 4K visuals, but this boost to the native resolution, performance, and everything else will result in a much sharper, clearer, and more detailed image inside the headset still.

  Another bottleneck here is that, in my experience, when you have a PSVR headset plugged into the PS5, the share function does not allow you to capture 4K footage directly like it does in non-VR games. I haven’t been able to test if that is still the case here or not. This shouldn’t affect things for playing, but it makes it difficult to show what it’s like for others to see.

  We already covered this news, but we’ve got a lot more specific details now from PlayStation London Studios’ Technical Director, Bruno Ribeiro. Here’s what he had to say:

  “Blood & Truth uses dynamic resolution in all platforms, that means that it adapts its internal resolution to the action so that we achieve a perfect frame rate at all times. The PS4 Pro version tops out at 1440p (2560×1440) and on PS5 we allow it to go up to 4K (3840×2160). Even though the PSVR display is only 1080p, all those extra pixels will be combined for a higher quality final result!

  Like most high end PSVR games, Blood & Truth on PS4 runs at 60 frames per second, with a re-projected 120hz output on the headset. On PS5, it runs at 90 frames per second, with a 90hz output, leading to a more responsive game and better image quality under motion.

  On PS4, we use different levels of detail for assets depending on distance and scene complexity. On PS5 we use the highest detail version available at all times…We’ve tweaked this on PS5 to force higher quality output across the whole game.

  The increased speed from the PS5’s SSD (solid state drive) also means we can load textures much more quickly, so as you move around the levels we can stream the best possible resolution. It’s things like this that make the game world come alive!”

  Hopefully more PSVR games get this kind of treatment. Upping the resolution, framerate, and texture quality across a large chunk of the library would make the PS5 a much more appealing purchase for PSVR gamers.

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