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  Fulgurbug is a useful material in Monster Hunter Rise needed for several of the best weapons and armor sets, and this guide explains how to get it.

  By Jonathan Sayers

  Published Jun 14, 2021


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  Monster Hunter Rise is a beefy game that only continues to receive more content. With more monsters and event quests being added throughout the year following the game’s original release, fans will be eager to always upgrade their arsenal. There are many weapons and armor sets to be collected in Monster Hunter Rise. Players will often need rare materials, but it’s not always easy to figure out where to find certain crafting items. This guide will help players find the Fulgurbug material that they will need for certain weapons and armor.

  Fulgurbug is a material that players will use often if they enjoy lightning elemental weapons. Many weapons from the Zinogre tree require Fulgurbug for crafting or upgrading. Even some lightning weapons outside the tree require it, such as the Devil Masher or Twin Chainsaw. More notably, the Zinogre Helm armor piece will require players to gather a few Fulgurbugs. This is a highly desirable armor piece for its Weakness Exploit armor skill.

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  monster hunter rise zinogre

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  Fulgurbug is obtained from the fearsome monster Zinogre. While it can be obtained as a simple quest reward, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to get the most Fulgurbugs during a quest. There’s a decent chance that any shiny item drops from a Zinogre will be a Fulgurbug, so it’s worth it to damage various parts of the monster to get those drops.

  The other thing to be aware of is that Fulgurbugs can be gathered from a Zinogre’s back when the monster is toppled over on its side. There is a 90% chance of obtaining Fulgurbugs this way, so it’s the best option when looking to reliably farm the item.


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  It’s also worth noting that the odds of obtaining Fulgurbugs from quest rewards and shiny drops are slightly higher in Low Rank quests than High Rank. Skilled players can gear up in their High Rank gear and farm many Low Rank Zinogres quickly, making the process of accumulating Fulgurbugs quick and efficient.

  The best Low Rank quest to farm for this purpose is the Hub 3-star quest Wavering Moon and Thunder. Alternatively, players can take on the High Rank 6-star quest Skies Flash, Clouds Boom if they want to farm some talisman melding materials in the process.

  Fulgurbugs can be an important ingredient in making some powerful endgame armor sets. Lightning weapons are extremely effective against certain enemies, and the Zinogre armor grants some amazing skills to hunters. Dedicated players can reach even greater heights by getting some Lazurite Jewels. Hunters can add even more effective armor skills to their loadout by slotting in these gems. No gear set is complete without a solid strategy and a few useful armor decorations.


  Monster Hunter Rise?is now available for the Nintendo Switch. A PC port is expected to release in early 2022.

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