[sexy dare]Who is Dare Taylor? Disney World’s Princess Jasmine now makes $30K a month on OnlyFans

Tag: 2021-08-08 01:36

  A 26-year-old woman who once put smiles on little girls’ faces by embodying the character of Princess Jasmine in Florida’s Disney World, has found a dedicated career on the adult subscription site OnlyFans where she makes big bucks stripping naked for the camera.

  The woman in question is Dare Taylor, originally from Minnesota, who moved to Orlando, Florida, when she was old enough to pursue a career as she had the childhood dream to work at the iconic theme park ever since she was eight. Although she successfully won a number of beauty pageants when she was a teenager, she struggled for a bit to make it big, working as a waitress after changing states. Soon, however, the Disney bosses spotted her potential and she landed her dream job at Disney World. “As well as the meet-and-greets, I was chosen for the parade and then the musical show, ‘Fantasmic!’” she told New York Post.


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  She got to play Aladdin’s love interest who was stationed at the shadow of the Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. However, after three years of bringing joy to kids, Taylor felt like she needed to challenge herself and as a result, started booking herself for sexy photoshoots as a side job. She even managed to get away with posing for the cover of the Slovakian edition of Playboy without anyone ever finding out. Hiding the fact about her side job was important as revealing photoshoots are against Disney’s strict morality rules.

  Eventually, she left Disney’s theme park job and was hired by both Universal Studios, where she played Velma from ‘Scooby-Doo’ and Medieval Times, to portray the roles of a princess, queen, and falconer’s assistant. However, she was drawn to the modeling world and left the acting gig after she was crowned Miss Bikini Model 2019. She moved to Los Angeles where she started a YouTube channel and launched an Instagram account, where she presently has 300,000 followers. Last year, she established herself on OnlyFans.

  Taylor told NY Post that she is careful never to let her content get pornographic, even though the platform is known for the raunchy, X-rated photos. “My specialty is artistic nudes,” said Taylor. “There are boundaries I don’t want to cross.” She only chooses to flirt and indulge in harmless role-plays with her subscribers — who pay between $50 and $150 for recorded or live videos. “I’ll set up my office like a movie theater,” said Taylor. “Then I’ll dim the lights, tell them what movie we’re watching, and give them the whole girlfriend simulation.”

  She has managed to earn a whopping $30,000 a month from her transactions on the site. Her long-term future goals include purchasing a larger apartment and switching to a fancier car. As for career goals, she wishes to make an appearance on the cover of a men’s magazine such as Maxim. “I’ve followed a different path since my days at Disney,” Taylor concluded. “As much as I treasure my time there as Jasmine, it was right to move on.”

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