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Fallout 4 Updates:?A group of modders has released a closed beta for Fallout 4¨s translation of one of Fallout 3¨s DLC campaigns. Point Lookout is the fourth piece of Fallout 3¨s DLC campaigns, which translates a swampland area on the coast of Maryland over to the franchise¨s post-nuclear wasteland.

This area is notable in the universe for not suffering the harsh repercussions of the atom bomb. But it has instead suffered from decades of abandonment from most of humanity.

After having worked for many years on Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland, the developers are now going to release their first full piece of content to the players of Fallout 4.

Initially, this game will release as standalone content meant to bolt onto Fallout 4¨s main campaign. It will let the Sole Survivor explore the area in an alternate timeframe, from what was depicted in Fallout 3.

Not only this, but the DLC will also come alongside the planned full remake of Fallout 3 in the Fallout 4 engine. For now, the mod is only proof of the concept, and it will translate the smallest piece of Fallout 3 over to the engine to show how compatible the two games really are.

Fallout 4Fallout 4The Guardian

As it was seen in the gameplay video by Youtuber JuiceHead, the whole of the Maryland Swamp is now available in Fallout 4¨s engine. The dialogues are restored to the levels of Fallout 3.

There are many choices and more paths to follow this time. This game looks as if it is providing the best of both worlds, as there is enhanced looting and the previews of Fallout 4¨s items.

The only thing we find missing here is the implementation of voice acting, which has only been partially implemented as of now. The team has planned to re-record the entire script for adding to the mod before it comes out of beta.

Fallout, as a franchise has always been open to all sorts of mods. While Fallout 76 continues to add more new content to its own version of the wasteland, the prospect of a new game seems a bit unlikely in the immediate future.

Developer Bethesda Games Studios is working very hard on Starfield, which is a sci-fi RPG that has been the company¨s first new IP since it took on the Fallout games in the Xbox 360 generation. Until a new developer from Microsoft¨s house steps up to the place, the Fallout franchise will be in stasis for a while outside of these player-made mods.

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This quest has massive amounts of lore for the Brotherhood of Steel but trips up players that don’t know how to complete it.

By Payton Lott

Published 15 hours ago


Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel

The Lost Patrol is a Brotherhood of Steel quest brimming with Fallout 4 lore. The Brotherhood’s goals of centralizing the control of weapons and technology has yet to be realized. Enemies like the New California Republic have resisted the Brotherhood’s attempts to consolidate power. In Fallout 4, the Brotherhood’s forces are spread thin.

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There are several ways to initiate the Lost Patrol quest, but the easiest way is to happen upon Knight Varnham’s Body. Gamers will pick up a distress signal if they are near the Relay Tower OMC-810. The distress signal will get stronger as players move north. Eventually, they will see a destroyed house. Knight Varnham’s body will be next to a turned-over desk. When looting the body, taking the battlefield holotape and holotag will trigger the next steps in the quest.


Knight Astlin Fallout 4

Knight Varnham was just one of several voices on the holotape. The other members stated that they planned to fall back to a nearby military base. If sole survivors head north from County Crossing, they will pick up another distress signal. Gamers can follow the road north to the National Guard Training Yard.

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The distress beacon is located in the National Guard Recruitment Office, which is on the left side of the road when traveling north. After killing the ghouls, players will find the beacon if they go into the room on the far side of the building. There, Knight Astlin’s body rests against the wall in the corner of the room. Her holotape will reveal several clues about the whereabouts of the other members of the brotherhood.


Scribe Faris Fallout 4

Astlin’s tape hints that Brandis decided to flee to a satellite array. The only satellite array near the area is even further to the north. To the east of Finch Farm, there is a small array of satellites not too far from the National Guard office. A third distress signal is picked up once survivors are close to the array.

On arrival, Super Mutants and Mutant Hounds will attack. The Super Mutants camp on the satellite arrays and spam rockets from above. Meanwhile, Mutant Hounds will swarm the user. Super Mutant Suiciders make an appearance as well. Lower-level players will have a tough time with crowd control at this point in the quest.


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Any long-range weapon will take out the Super Mutants, and a grenade launcher will decimate the Suiciders and Hounds. After killing all of the Mutants, gamers will want to head up the array to the south. There, Scribe Faris’ body is sitting in the small shack at the top of the stairs. Survivors should know what to do by now. Faris’ holotape reveals that Paladin Brandis likely went to a bunker north of the array.

Paladin Brandis Fallout 4

If players head north to the border of the map from the array, there is a small dirt path carved between the rocky landscape. This path will take survivors to Recon Bunker Theta. Land mines line the path, so people need to be ready to pick them up when they start beeping. Inside the bunker, Paladin Brandis will appear. He will be hostile, and all but one of the dialogue options will force gamers to kill him.


Those that choose to kill Brandis are rewarded with two legendary items. The first is the Survivor’s Special laser gun, which does 65 damage and can be sold for 384 caps. Survivor’s Special deals more damage the lower the character’s health bar gets. The Brotherhood of Steel Officer Suit is the second unique item that can be acquired from Brandis. It is the only version of the suit available in the game.

The only way to get around killing Brandis is to choose the dialogue option “I followed the distress beacons left by your team. Their holotapes led me here”. After he asks what happened to them, survivors must select the option explaining that they are all dead, and offer their dog tags to Brandis. Poor Brandis was holed up in the bunker for three years. He will offer any of the items in the bunker as a reward, but not his gun or suit. The bunker has a fusion core, ammo, and some scrap. Anyone that is a member of the brotherhood can manage to get the Survivor’s Special without killing him.


Completing the quest as a member of the Brotherhood unlocks different dialogue options that quell Brandis’ fears. Convincing him to rejoin the Brotherhood will allow gamers to acquire his special weapon later in the game. Brandis can be found in the Prydwen later in the story. He will offer the Survivor’s Special as a reward.

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