[The Medium PC GamePlay]Medium Announces Free Releases High Performance Block Chain Solutions

Tag: 2021-06-25 15:39

  Actively help the zone chain market flourishing

  South Korea Seoul – (US Business Information) – Korean District Block Chain Field Leading Enterprise Medium (Seoul) recently publicly published free of charge for enterprise-level block chain platform MDL (MediumDistributed Ledger) for the global block chain enterprise users.

  MDL platform launched by Medium In 2021 International Confirmed Korea Test Certification Evaluation,Won 14,142 TPS world top performance certification.Based on this certification,MEDIUM signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese famous block chain solution company in January, and the PEERSAFE.Designed to build a year of 2,”Korean Trade Financing Trading Platform” (CKTF, “43.4 billion US dollars China Korea Trade Finance TransactionPlatform.

  Recently, Due to the continuous decline of the physical currency usage,As a Korea Monic Commune (Komsco, “as a Korean Communications (komsco, Korea Minting and SecurityPrinting CorporationMedium jointly participated in the zone chain into research and development technology.

  Not only that,Medium actively responds to a non-faceless medical service market that gradually expands due to long-term impact on new crown epidemic.The company successfully financing 6 billion won from the Korean medical biological field last year.Laying the cornerstone for building non-facing medical services infrastructure,And began to develop a series of non-facing medical services based on the authentication of block chain technology and vaccine passports, electronic prescriptions.

  Medium is free to release the MDL platform based on Hyperledger Fabric.Equipped with a self-developed management console.Is 2,000 TPS commercial block chain platform.2,000 TPS Level Performance Supports all demand for bank chain enterprise users such as POC, BMT, and commercial services.And has the following advantages.

  △ uses the installer type software,Simply enter simple information, you can successfully install,It takes about 10 minutes.△ Through the dedicated console “MDLManager”,It can be visually monitoring and managing the block chain process and calculating resource utilization.△ can extend the node according to the actual needs of the enterprise user,And equipped with publishing management functions,Flexible and powerful distributed deployment workloads and DAPP integration and implementation.

  Medium related personnel emphasized: “In order to stimulate the market,Commercial services for combined block chain technology must be popularized.This free release activity aims to actively help the block chain enterprise users enter the market with zero.”